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Tiny Tcl 6.8 is a rommable, minimal Tcl for embedded applications.

Derived from the venerable Tcl 6.7 release, Tiny Tcl 6.8 has a solid Tcl feature set, excluding newer capabilities of Tcl 7 and 8 such as the bytecode compiler, namespaces, sockets, and async event handling, among others. (Still, major applications have been written in Tcl 6.)

Excluding C library functions, Tiny Tcl compiles down to less than 60 Kbytes on most machines, far smaller than any Tcl 7 or Tcl 8 derivatives.

Visit the Tiny Tcl project info page at SourceForge.

Visit, developers of Tiny Tcl.

Visit the Tiny Tcl download area or download Browse what passes for the docs. Join the mailing list.

Come see us at the Tcl-2001 conference, part of the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, where TinyTcl will be featured in our paper: A Tcl-Powered Handheld Computer for Telecommunications Test Automation