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Open Source Thanks Acterna

TinyTcl and Acterna

Acterna, formerly TTC and WWG, makes communications test equipment like TTC's T-BERD, a box that I coveted when I had T1s (and later, T3s) I needed to test back in the 90's. If a guy came out from telco with a T-BERD, we were immediately relieved because we felt sure the problem would get fixed.

Acterna was our customer for the project to put Tcl on the handheld you see pictured above. The product is called T-BERD AutoMATE (pdf), and it does automatic setup and electronic capture of test results obtained from a T-BERD 310 Communications Analyzer, capable of testing from a DS0 up to OC-48/48c circuits.

They were a good customer, and we like them a lot. They also agreed to our request to open source the work we did for the DOS port and all of the DOS extensions, which they paid for, under the same Berkeley copyright that Tcl is released under, hence TinyTcl.

In particular we would like to thank Alan Wong and Ana Prisuta of Acterna. The people make all the difference in whether a job is "good" or not.